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Closed for the Season

See you in 2021






Dear Friends and Valued  Customers

The  2020 Season has come to an end.

Picking season has ended and because of your robust business this season, we have pretty much sold out our store inventory of fruitspreads.

We do however, still have a limited supply of some varieties of apples in our cooler. Feel free to contact us by email or phone for more information on these items.

It was good to see so many returning customers since we weren't open last season, and many first timers.

We want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments we have received on our facebook page. We are glad you enjoyed our easy-going family-run orchard that is all about having fun, picking apples, spending time in the great outdoors and no circuses.

 Also a "Thank You" for supporting our food pantry with your contributions.

See you next fall.....  


Chris and Steve Lang

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