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We will be Closed for the 2019 Season







Dear Friends and Valued  Customers 

After long and careful consideration, Chris and I have decided to keep the orchard closed for the 2019 season. Since we are principally a U-Pick orchard, we know that we just don't have enough quality apples for that to occur.


This spring was long, cold and wet. Flowering didn't occur until May 17, almost 3 weeks later than usual and there was a noticable absence of flowers on the trees. While I'm sure no one knows exactly why this occurred, I can speculate that the very cold temps during the winter that lasted well into April and May probably affected flower production.


So because we can't deliver on expected standards, we felt it best not to open at all. Hopefully we can resume our good relationship next year if Mother Nature will let us.

Chris and Steve Lang

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