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GALA - Sweet, one of the best eating apples. Picked Out
McINTOSH - Tart.
HONEYCRISP - Its name says it all.


SEPTEMBER 19, 2020


CORTLAND - (Ben Davis xMcIntosh) large apple, sweet/tart, juicy.                                 Slow to oxidize.


SEPTEMBER 26, 2020


EMPIRE - (Red Delicious x McIntosh)  Flavor similar to McIntosh                              but firmer.
RED DELICIOUS - The standard by which all varieties are judged.
GOLD DELICIOUS - Large, very sweet.
SNOW SWEET – sweet/tart buttery, white flesh.  Slow to oxidize.

JONAGORED (Red Jonagold) - Large sweet desert apple.



OCTOBER 3, 2020


BRAEBURN - These are very good keepers for long term. Very crisp,                                very juicy.
BLUSHING GOLD – A tarter Gold Delicious and long keeper.        
GRANNY SMITH – The tartest of all apples. Very firm.


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